please remain calm

After an unbelievable 24 hours in LA and almost 4 days of travel time, we’re finally in Melbourne! We partied in the Hollywood Hills for the Superbowl and caught a taxi to LAX just in time for a vodka tonic before boarding our final 15 hour flight. We arrived in Melbourne to perfect 30 degree weather (we haven’t quite figured out this whole celsius thing yet) and spent the day at the beach in St. Kilda after dropping our monstrous amount of bags off- Colleens secret valentines made our day, and we’ve learned that SPF 60 works phenomenally as long as it’s applied evenly

So much more to come…




  1. Oh my gosh!! I am so happy you girls made it safely. Love this blog, keep the posts coming. love you all!

  2. Oh no, Australia will never be the same again! I hope you have a fabulous and life enriching experience; I mean this afternoon. The rest of the trip can be just average. :)
    I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  3. omg. i can only imagine that there is so much more to the "partying in the hollywood hills" story. i miss you girls so terribly much.