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So our hostel is less of an inexpensive hotel and more of an expensive homeless shelter, but after living in Athens what’s the difference? It’s only for 2 nights thankfully- and then we’re off to Phillip Island for a weekend holiday! After a night out with our New Zealand roommate (over served) we explored more than the bars in St.Kilda for a potential home base. Our first tram ride into the CBD for a new bank account was successful thanks to Jessie (our oz mother) and the lovely Rita at Commonwealth Bank. Each day gets a little easier and a lot more comfortable, give us another week or two and we’ll be right at home here. We had a few pints of carlton draught with our new friends (girls from England and Sweden), wedges with sweet chili and sourcream (try it-kels likes it more than ketchup) and bartered with a sushi shop that was closing for the night (we bought everything they had left for $60). This day has been full on (intense…picking up the local lingo)

We know you miss us, and yes we miss you too.

Take care. No worries.

Much love, xox


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  1. think i may have stumbled upon an apt for you ladies. I quite enjoy that i am being referred to as your mother :) i also love your format for your blog. you can follow mine as well- jessiebinaustralia.blogspot.com