So we thought our pictures on this post should accurately represent our past week....RIDING TRAMS. all over this city. and we've come to a few conclusions when it comes to apartment searching in Melbourne: 1. they wont rent to americans (this hypothesis has been backed up by several locals) and 2. they wont rent to us because we're unemployed (...nahhh couldn't be it).

So plan b: buy a hippie van and drive up the coast selling handmade seashell jewelry out of the back, or blow through our entire savings on travels and come home in a month. we'll keep you updated (no worries moms and dads).

In other news, we made it to our first aussie barbie (is it really spelled like barbie?) for our new friend Brody's birthday, and we're planning a trip down the Great Ocean Road next week. The Shwayze concert was awesome (bruises to prove it), we're taking advantage of the $12.50 steak night at the ESPY, and we share a bed and a cell phone (we're the 3 best friends that anyone could have)

We still miss you, in the words of Colleen "we're really far away".
and we will find a safe place to park the van.

cheers mates



calling all vacant homes

yep yep still looking for a place to call our own. 5 full days of apartment hunting in melbourne has proven to be a lot more difficult than we had imagined. on the plus side we have gotten to know our way around town pretty well in the past week and with a little luck we'll land one of the several apartments we've applied for. we're applying for 2 swank pads tomorrow then heading to the beach before the shwayze concert at the espy (www.espy.com.au). you can only imagine how excited kels is. the weathers beautiful, the city is great, and we can't wait for our first visitors!



pints and penguins

We left the city for a holiday on Phillip Island this past weekend-such an unbelievable place! Scenic cliffs (the nobbies), woolamai and smiths surf beaches, fluffy penguins and of course a local pub. We were the only people to order a pint (everyone drinks “pots” to avoid warm beer…we think they should just drink faster) Lots of new friends- some that play semi pro soccer, some that live in a van by the beach. We had Friday night afterhours in the ocean (the stars were incredible), and spent Saturday in recovery mode watching Aussie rules footie…could possibly be our new favorite sport. Now its off to the St.Kilda festival, and an early Monday morning house hunting!

hope you’re staying warm…cause we sure are!




full on

So our hostel is less of an inexpensive hotel and more of an expensive homeless shelter, but after living in Athens what’s the difference? It’s only for 2 nights thankfully- and then we’re off to Phillip Island for a weekend holiday! After a night out with our New Zealand roommate (over served) we explored more than the bars in St.Kilda for a potential home base. Our first tram ride into the CBD for a new bank account was successful thanks to Jessie (our oz mother) and the lovely Rita at Commonwealth Bank. Each day gets a little easier and a lot more comfortable, give us another week or two and we’ll be right at home here. We had a few pints of carlton draught with our new friends (girls from England and Sweden), wedges with sweet chili and sourcream (try it-kels likes it more than ketchup) and bartered with a sushi shop that was closing for the night (we bought everything they had left for $60). This day has been full on (intense…picking up the local lingo)

We know you miss us, and yes we miss you too.

Take care. No worries.

Much love, xox



please remain calm

After an unbelievable 24 hours in LA and almost 4 days of travel time, we’re finally in Melbourne! We partied in the Hollywood Hills for the Superbowl and caught a taxi to LAX just in time for a vodka tonic before boarding our final 15 hour flight. We arrived in Melbourne to perfect 30 degree weather (we haven’t quite figured out this whole celsius thing yet) and spent the day at the beach in St. Kilda after dropping our monstrous amount of bags off- Colleens secret valentines made our day, and we’ve learned that SPF 60 works phenomenally as long as it’s applied evenly

So much more to come…