a not-so-white christmas

4 bottles of bubbly, 3 suitcases, the heaviest plate of homemade cookies known to mankind, a hydrangea bouquet, and a couple of train tickets-we were off to Shepparton for the Holidays with the loveliest Aussie family around. Whether it was chicken and champagne for brekky or the massive afternoon barbies (and more champagne), we were never without food. And we love us some food.

We spent boxing day having a nap in front of the cricket match and attempting to catch a few yabbies- activities we clearly lack the patients for. Thankfully, Godrey saved the day with a tour around the Kiwi fields-nothing quite like the Victoria Bushland.

We hope you missed us as much as we missed you on our first Christmas away from home in 24 years! (we won't mention the 80+ degree weather)


making moves

Melbs has been good to me, but Sydney has my heart. Bondi Beach is the spot, with it's laid back, sweet disposition and the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen! I haven't seen the Mallen clan for years, amazing it took us a trip across the world to reunite for one epic weekend...frisbee on the beach, drunken dance moves, breathtaking coastal walks, stunning graffitti art, and the famous Sydney Opera House.

Ah, some things never change, the 330 to the 303! This weekend went too fast but was a good reminder of what is to come, I don't plan at stopping at all!

Thanks to mum for making it happen!
peace and love-


furry friends.

well after 11 months in the land down under we have finally seen a 'roo that wasn't roadkill or served up rare. absolutely the cutest creatures we've had the chance to cuddle up to-they'll hold your hand right before ripping the bag of feed to shreds, open the gift shop door and have a browse inside, and unsuspectingly wait for you in the loo. koalas could not care less about who's giving them a pat as long as they have a paw full of eucalyptus. patrick the wombat was too lazy to even open his little wombat eyes, and the tassie devils apparently have a bite 10x stronger than a doberman but we would put one in our carry-on no questions asked. if you ever happen to be in victoria, the ballarat wildlife park should be top of your list.