a not-so-white christmas

4 bottles of bubbly, 3 suitcases, the heaviest plate of homemade cookies known to mankind, a hydrangea bouquet, and a couple of train tickets-we were off to Shepparton for the Holidays with the loveliest Aussie family around. Whether it was chicken and champagne for brekky or the massive afternoon barbies (and more champagne), we were never without food. And we love us some food.

We spent boxing day having a nap in front of the cricket match and attempting to catch a few yabbies- activities we clearly lack the patients for. Thankfully, Godrey saved the day with a tour around the Kiwi fields-nothing quite like the Victoria Bushland.

We hope you missed us as much as we missed you on our first Christmas away from home in 24 years! (we won't mention the 80+ degree weather)


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