can't nobody hold us down...

oh no, we got to keep on movin!

It's weird I no longer share EVERYTHING, let alone know what these two girls are doing at ALL times. So, they say that everything must come to an end, but it sure was one hell of a ride and we aren't stopping yet. For all of you who said we wouldn't, we did. For all those who believed we could, we love you!

I miss you girls, I will always be here when you need me!

Until next time...
See you soon Aussie!


black out betty

Ory-O's 24th was spent watching the made in Melbourne flick "The Loved Ones" at the Rooftop Cinema. It was a shocking movie (youtube the trailer, instant anxiety attack), and we were slightly over served (can you tell?).

We've unanimously decided that every city building should chuck a projection screen and some lawn chairs on the roof and call it a day.

aussie open

Hands down the most fun at a sporting event ever. Shattered we're going to be on a plane home for the finals!


shark bait

Well I have all my limbs and there was no visit to the decompression chamber- Not a bad way to spend a rainy wednesday if I do say so myself!

My dive buddy and I were the lucky first to jump into the 2.2 million liter shark tank just hours after the release of their new hammerheads. I can't even begin to explain what an amazing experience it was- giant sting rays (they love the feeling of bubbles so they float just above your head), tiger sharks, napping sea turtles, massive grey nurse sharks and of course the hammerheads.

I really have no idea why I haven't invested in an underwater camera yet (the above pictures were taken of me by a friend from outside the tank), but the videos linked below are from the same tank and give a much better idea of what it was like.




fancy footwork

The city-wide fireworks and 105 degree temps made our New Years Eve more like the 4th of July- and we weren't mad about it at all. The rest of the details will forever remain in the bottom of an empty bottle of Tanqueray, but I can assure you a good time was had by all. Ignoring the fact that our beautiful beach apartment had inexplicably turned into a frat house overnight, we had a quick egg sando and were out the door on our way to 'Summadayze'- the legendary aussie music festival. 12 hours of booze and beats- 2011 is going to be a good one!