pints and penguins

We left the city for a holiday on Phillip Island this past weekend-such an unbelievable place! Scenic cliffs (the nobbies), woolamai and smiths surf beaches, fluffy penguins and of course a local pub. We were the only people to order a pint (everyone drinks “pots” to avoid warm beer…we think they should just drink faster) Lots of new friends- some that play semi pro soccer, some that live in a van by the beach. We had Friday night afterhours in the ocean (the stars were incredible), and spent Saturday in recovery mode watching Aussie rules footie…could possibly be our new favorite sport. Now its off to the St.Kilda festival, and an early Monday morning house hunting!

hope you’re staying warm…cause we sure are!



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  1. haha obv having after hours in a foregin country without a residence. miss you girls, keep the photos and updates coming!! xo