So we thought our pictures on this post should accurately represent our past week....RIDING TRAMS. all over this city. and we've come to a few conclusions when it comes to apartment searching in Melbourne: 1. they wont rent to americans (this hypothesis has been backed up by several locals) and 2. they wont rent to us because we're unemployed (...nahhh couldn't be it).

So plan b: buy a hippie van and drive up the coast selling handmade seashell jewelry out of the back, or blow through our entire savings on travels and come home in a month. we'll keep you updated (no worries moms and dads).

In other news, we made it to our first aussie barbie (is it really spelled like barbie?) for our new friend Brody's birthday, and we're planning a trip down the Great Ocean Road next week. The Shwayze concert was awesome (bruises to prove it), we're taking advantage of the $12.50 steak night at the ESPY, and we share a bed and a cell phone (we're the 3 best friends that anyone could have)

We still miss you, in the words of Colleen "we're really far away".
and we will find a safe place to park the van.

cheers mates


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