oh, you're still here aren't you?

Hi blog, so we haven’t posted on you in 4 months- not at all surprising considering the 3 of us have never started and finished anything in a timely manor (at all). Its hard to believe 6 months has gone by since we boarded our VAustralia flight in LA. Looking back on it all its pretty crazy that we call this place home now.

Working full time has kept us insanely busy but we still make time for happy hour drinks and days at the zoo. Our little Kelsey flew back to the states last month for wedding season. We missed her dearly-it didn’t feel quite right ordering 2 shots of jameson instead of 3. Thank God she’s back safe and sound-if we’ve learned anything from Atlanta, Ory and Bridgette should not be left to their own devices in an unsuspecting city.

We have big future plans so stay tuned…

Also…ory will not be posted in any pictures until she agrees to participate in blog writing. Until then, we will post only daily proverbs from her



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