kelseys birthday!

The second birthday in Australia went off with more hitches than we can bear to say. For the record. do not show up to the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the Footy season opener with members club tickets and sandals on your feet. Sure they’ll let 3 people in front of you in with them on, but not you. Thankfully you can walk all the way back to the tram stop, take it back into the CBD and find a little asian shoe store still open at 8pm to buy yet another pair of flats and make it back in time to meet the birthday girl at the bar and catch the 2nd quarter of the game. Also- if you’re wearing your teams jumper (jersey), and you happen to be in the members club section, you’ll be the only one wearing one. dually noted. Since the Richmond Tigers lost, we had a great reason to blame our celebrations on- you can only imagine how much fun we had. A huge thank you to the O’Sullivans- we don’t know what we’d do without you! (we certainly wouldn’t have seats 3 rows behind the Richmond bench…oh ben cousins #32...)

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